Will the suit ruin my tan?
No. As long as you allow your tan to dry completely before wearing the suit, it will not affect your tan.

Can I wear the suit more than once?
The suit is disposable, however if you treat it with care you can wear it more than once.

Can I wash the suit?
No, we do not recommend washing the suit. 

Is the included bear used for anything? 
Unwrap it and keep it in your suit pocket to keep your suit smelling like a tropical coconut dream.  

Is the suit non-allergenic?
Yes. The beauty of this suit is that it is lightweight, breathable and non-allergenic. 

Do I have to use the pillowcase and booties?
No, however we have included them for those who sleep in their tan to protect sheets and pillow from staining. 

What size should I choose?
We recommend S for sizes 6-8 (AU), M for sizes 8-12 and L for size 12+, taller women and men. If you like a little extra leg room or room to move or if you are taller than 165cm, go for the M. 

Do you ship worldwide?
Yes we do. 

How much is shipping and how long will my parcel take to arrive?
Check out our SHIPPING page for more info.